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Welcome to CellMail - 2018

Our entire Cellmail product team is focused on ensuring the services that we are deploying to you are working in the best manner possible. This means they must be easy to understand - easy to use without needing complex instructions, the services are always available to the best we can make them. And most important, we try very hard to protect the privacy of your profile data and in the messages you send or receive.

We continue to try to have the site organized in a manner that seems logical. The focus is not to have a site that is more visual pleasing than functional - we feel the functional aspects are what keep you, our subscribers happy.

We are always looking for new ideas that will make the site more useful for you. Thus, we have added a secure Instant Messaging and a Photo Album was added that you could share your special images with other friends. Secure SSL access to reading the Usenet was provided. We have a secure video conference capabaility for you at no cost.

We now provide a free Virtual Private Network (VPN) for your use. This limits who can see your data from your home to the Internet. This solution was designed for Internet users in developing countries or for countries under political stress.

What is coming? It is our desire to evaluate each idea from our subscribers and see how their needs can be incorporated into the site to both serve their needs and the needs of our other subscribers.

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